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Access AED

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Good things come in small packages. At least that's the case with Access CardioSystem's Access AED. Weighing in at just under 3 lbs., it's just what the doctor ordered for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

This rugged automated external defibrillator is a great choice for first responders and other emergency medical providers. The Access AED measures only 3" x ~7" x ~4". It is small enough to fit in a backpack and light enough to be carried comfortably. It's perfect for backcountry rescue teams when every ounce of extra weight can mean a big difference.

The Access AED features integrated electrode pads which eliminates that need to store them separately. Access CardioSystems also offers adapters to make them compatible with other AED models. This is extremely useful if the responding EMS service uses another brand of monitor/defibrillator.

With up to thirty shocks per charge (or two hours of continous ECG monitoring), the Access AEDs battery back really packs a punch. Using the industry-standard biphasic waveform, this AED takes only six seconds to charge after a "shock advised." It can also deliver serial shocks at less than twenty second intervals.

By performing an automated self-test every 24 hours, availability is assured when you need it most. With a stand-by life of over two years, the Access AED needs minimal maintenance. An audible indicator lets nearby personnel know if a problem has been detected. It features a rugged 14V lithium manganese dioxide battery.

The Access AED can withstand the rigors of a rugged environment. From the near-freezing temperatures of 32 degrees to the mid-summer heat of 120 degrees, this AED is rated to meet the challenge. It is also somewhat water-resistant (splashproof).

While other AEDs only offer feedback as to whether or not a rhythm is shockable, the Access AED features a relatively large backlit ECG screen. This is very useful for EMS personnel or physicians who may want EKG monitoring capabilities without having to carry a large cardiac monitor.

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