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Bowflex Ultimate

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The Ultimate is Bowflex's entry-level home gym. With over eighty available exercises, the Bowflex Ultimate is sure to offer something for anyone looking to improve their fitness level.

This home gym includes a low pulley/squat station, T-bar, leg press belt, and a rowing machine. The rowing machine allows you to easily add an aerobic component to your workout. With 310 lb. Power Rod's, you'll have a real challenge. Not enough weight? Try Bowflex's 410 lb. upgrade!

The Bowflex Ultimate measures 6'4" by 5'10" by 2'3" and folds up into a small package of 27" by 49". To have an effective workout space, plan on at least a 7 foot by 7 foot square area of space.

Bowflex offers several upgraded models including the:

  • Bowflex Ultimate XTU
    This upgrade offers a leg extension/leg curl attachment. It also increases the available exercises to 84.
  • Bowflex Ultimate XLU
    This upgraded Bowflex model offers a lat pulldown attachment. This model has 85 available exercises.
  • Bowflex Ultimate XLTU
    This top-of-the-line Bowflex Ultimate model features more than ninety exercises!

With a ten-year limited warranty, the Bowflex Ultimate is a product that's built to stand up to demanding use. If you're looking for an affordable home gym with a wide variety of exercises, look no further.

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