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Dynamo Air Elegance Air Hockey Table

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My wife never wanted an air hockey table. Why? Because they're too ugly. Because they don't fit in with the decor of the room. Because they don't look as nice as our antique pool table. Well, the excuses are over. It's time to take a serious look at the Dynamo Air Elegance.

The first time you look at it you'll realize that this isn't your average air hockey table. The Air Elegance is simply beautiful. It is truly an attractive game room accessory. It will please even the most discerning decorator.

Featuring a traditional playing surface, the Dynamo Air Elegance is available in two wood finish combinations. It can be ordered with an oak grain and mahogany finish. It is also available in a maple grain with a mahogany or cherry finish. These options allow you to match the air hockey table with your pool table or other game room furniture.

The other striking feature about the Dynamo Air Elegance are its legs. They have an attractive "Queen Anne" styling that really dresses up the look of this table. At just 325 lbs., the Air Elegance isn't Dynamo's heaviest, but it is light enough for a comfortable team lift.

The magnificence of the Dynamo Air Elegance has redefined the home air hockey table.

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