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Dynamo Hot Flash II Air Hockey Table

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Dynamo's Hot Flash II is one of the hottest-selling air hockey tables in the world. It features a stylish blue and yellow design with a rugged overhead scoring arm. The playing surface is UV-coated and even has backlit graphics.

Like other Dynamo air hockey tables, the Hot Flash II features the "Dyna-Blast" blower system. This system offers superior air flow that even the most discerning air hockey player will notice. The LED (light emitting diode) scoring system provides an easy-to-read scoring system, even in low light conditions.

Standing almost six feet tall, the Hot Flash II is a bold air hockey table that screams "professional-grade." One look at the adjustable legs on this table will make you realize that it is not an ordinary table. It should not be confused with cheaper and lesser quality tables available at large chain retailers. The Dynamo Hot Flash II is a professional-quality home air hockey table.

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