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How To Remove Blood Stains

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Blood is difficult, but usually impossible, to remove from fabric. We have all had a nosebleed in the middle of the night and ended up with a soiled pillowcase. Here are some tips for removing stubborn blood stains.

  • For dried blood, try blotting the stain with 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • If the blood has not dried, blot with cool water. Keep in mind that hot water can cause the stain to set.

Be careful when cleaning up blood -- especially someone elses! Some diseases (hepatitis B, for example) can live up to several weeks in dried blood. Always use appropriate personal protection such as latex gloves and eye protection, even for small biohazard cleanups.  For large or potentially infectious blood stains, or for those at a crime or accident scene, you should consult a company that specializes in biohazard or crime scene cleanup.


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