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How To Remove Pet Stains

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Dealing with pet stains such as those caused by urine and feces is always a part of getting a new puppy or kitten. As they're learning how to become potty trained (for dogs) or litterbox trained (for cats), our furry friends invariably "go" where they aren't supposed to. You don't have to let your new pet ruin expensive carpet or upholstry. Here are some helpful pet stain removal tips:

  • If the "accident" has just occured, remove as much of the solid or liquid waste as possible and use a commercial pet stain and odor remover like "Out!" Products such as "Out!" remove the stain enymatically and work very well.
  • If the stain has begun set, try using a mild detergent solution. If that doesn't remove the stain, try cleaning the spot with an ammonia solution (one tablespoon ammonia to one-half cup water). Remember, never mix ammonia with cholorine bleach.

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