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Stanley Garage Door Openers

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Stanley stopped making garage door openers in 1997. According to their website, the two companies that had the rights to use the Stanley name on garage door opener products have filed for bankruptcy, one being Whistler Corporation. Stanley advises consumers seeking service for these products to use the Internet to find a qualified garage door professional.

It may be possible, however, to find Stanley garage door opener manuals from third-party sources. Also, several manufacturers have created products that are compatible with Stanley door openers.

Stanley garage door openers used a worm drive gearbox that was well-known for its reliability. Unlike the models of today, the drive gears on these openers were very sturdy. They also did not require chain lubrication.

If you are looking for replacement remote controls for your Stanley garage door opener, there are still places that sell them. You may not be able to find them locally, however, and you may need to order them online. Some of the more popular Stanley remote controls were the Model 1050, 1082, 1082P, 1097, and 590601. Stanley also manufactured a variety of keyless entry products. When purchasing accessories for your garage door opener, it's helpful to know the model of the opener. Some models are set with dip switches and may not be compatible with Stanley's SecureCode system.


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