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The Zoll AED Plus is an automated external defibrillator for use by emergency personnel (EMTs, firefighters, and police officers) and lay people as first responders.

Unlike other AEDs, the ZOLL AED Plus has special electrode pads that can gauge the effectiveness of compressions during CPR. If the machine judges that compressions are being done appropriately, it will say, "Good compressions!" If, on the other hand, compressions are not being performed correctly, the AED will say, "Push harder." This feedback is essential for people who may have only had minimal training in cardiac resuscitation.

Another huge advantage of the ZOLL AED Plus is its acceptance of standard consumer batteries. The lithium camera batteries, available at local stores, provide long-life and easy replacement. Other AEDs use proprietary battery systems that can cost several hundred dollars to replace.

Unlike monophasic AEDs, the ZOLL AED Plus uses rectilinear biphasic waveform. This type of shock waveform is thought to be more effective, especially in "high impedance" patients.

Like most AEDs, self-test routines are performed daily or weekly, depending on the configuration. An indicator on the unit clearly indicates whether or not the batteries are good and will sound an alarm when the batteries need to be replaced.

For areas that perform meticulous CQI, the ZOLL AED Plus can provide extensive data that is easily downloaded via an infrared port to a laptop PC or other device. This information even includes compression effectiveness and ECG information. The ZOLL AED Plus even offers optional sound recording for later review. This can be a great training tool after the event.

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